Chicago Lion Postcard
Chicago Lion Postcard
Middle Sister Card Co.

Chicago Lion Postcard

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Reads, “CHICAGOOOOOOooooooo, THE DAY ONE OF THE LIONS SPOKE.” This postcard depicts a lesser-known mythology: the day one of the lion statues outside the Art Institute opened it’s mouth and howled the name of its town. This illustration features the event on a bright, colorful background with an enraptured group of passersby reacting to the spectacle (and one mom on her phone missing the whole thing!). 

This 4x6" postcard was printed on 100% recycled card stock paper. 

The postcard's message side will be blank unless you choose to opt for Middle Sister Card Co's message and mailing service option and follow the steps below.

Middle Sister Card Co's message and mailing service: 

1. If you would like me to handwrite your special message and then mail the postcard for you to its intended recipient, go ahead and select the second option in the Options drop down menu.

2. At the bottom of your CART, you will see text starting with “CLICK HERE FOR THE NOTES BOX.” Once you click, a text box will appear.  This is where you will enter your intended message and the card-recipient's full name and mailing address. Do not forget this essential step.

3. If you do for some reason forget, don't be so hard on yourself about it! You can always email me with your order number, intended message, and card-recipient's address at

4. This service will add an additional $2 to your total but will save you the extra cost of shipping and time.

5. The message will be written in my handwriting. Concerned? Head over to the Services page to see a sample. 

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